WhatsApp insists on privacy policies despite public outcry

Even with the negative reactions after announcing privacy policies, WhatsApp has insisted it will go ahead with the deal. It says it will enlighten its user’s more about the benefits involved. 

WhatsApp to match ahead with the privacy policy 

Social network giant WhatsApp has said there’s no going back on the controversial policy on privacy settings which many users find infringing and n human rights. When it announced in January that it will change its privacy terms, millions of its customers were annoyed and promised to migrate to its rivals like Signal and Telegram. 

Signal especially saw a massive exodus of users who felt slighted by WhatsApp policies. However, WhatsApp said many of its customers didn’t fully understand the policies hence the massive misinformation. Now WhatsApp has said after close reflection, it has decided to go ahead with the policy but with better information. 

WhatsApp said nothing has changed and that data sharing is inevitable but that it will do more to enlighten its customers. In an attempt to better inform its customers, it will show a banner which will list all necessary information about the terms. The new policy will come into operation fully on May 16. 

The tech giant says that the information it shares with Facebook won’t include personal messages and call logs. Already WhatsApp shares some information like location and personal information with Facebook, but this only applies to countries outside Europe and Britain.

WhatsApp users scared of information theft 

However, the problem isn’t exactly on information gathering but what exactly WhatsApp does with the information gathered ml. Experts have warned that many people feel that the information will be given to advertisers and marketers who will be spamming users. 

How WhatsApp hopes to prevent their information from getting into the wrong hands is the main issue. Several NGOs and civil groups have threatened to take WhatsApp to court if their information gets into the public domain.