Other tips for sending your flowers to Rabat

In addition to the method of sending via online, you have the possibility of sending your flower bouquets by various ways. Discover in this section the various methods of sending bouquets to your friends or spouse.

Go to your florist

In every country in the world, there would necessarily be a florist to whom you can make a face-to-face shipment, if that is your desire. When you arrive at your florist, the first thing to do is to process the order and choose the flower arrangement you want. Then make the purchase of your order via credit card. After your order has been placed, the local florist will contact the Rabat florist to leave your instructions. Once taken, your order will be forwarded to the florist. In addition, your local florist’s associate will also process any complaints regarding the product or service. Click here https://www.top-of-the-facts.com/

Place an order via fax or telephone

You can also send flowers to Rabat without having to make a trip. This does not necessarily mean that the shipment will be via online, quite the contrary. The method of placing an order at home, but not online, is to call a florist. During your calls, give instructions on how to respect the choice of your bouquet. Also, the local florist can receive orders by fax. Once received, he will contact you for the method of payment for your order and instructions.

Use the help of a friend

This method of sending a bouquet to your friends requires trust on the latter. By the way, all you have to do is contact one of your friends living in Rabat, asking them to go to the florist where you have placed the flowers. Afterwards, call the recipient and ask him or her to collect the flowers. However, for a pleasant surprise, do not reveal the contents of your package to them.