How to get your receipt of Visitax in Cancun?

Mexico is considered as one of the destinations most appreciated by tourists. It is made up of magnificent regions, including Cancun. If you are planning to go on a trip, Cancun might be a great idea! However, a new visitor tax has to be collected at the airport, before you can enjoy your vacation. Here are some tips you can follow to get the receipt of your payment on time!

 Provide some information for the online form

As mentioned in April 2021, some tourists will have to pay a tax before accessing some regions in Mexico. The aim of this new tax is to generate funds within the tourism industry. The tax will be collected at the airport, but you can pay your visitax for Cancun at the airport or online—through the official website of Visitax. For the last option, you have to fill out an online form with some information related to your name, age, the number of your passport, the payment and departure data.

Proceed to your payment

As soon as you fill in the online form, you will have to choose a payment method to pay your tax fee. Two payment methods are available for Visitax: Credit Card or PayPal. Once you have selected the payment method and proceed to your payment, you will automatically receive a confirmation message. That is where the receipt comes in. You should keep it as evidence of your Visitax payment. Note that the payment can be completed before the departure, at the arrival or before leaving Cancun.

Keep your Visitax receipt

Last but not least, you can finally take possession of your receipt! In fact, after completing the payment, a unique QR code will be sent to you by email. You have to make sure to keep a copy of this electronic confirmation, as it will be presented at the airport in Cancun. 
Also, be aware that the Visitax receipt has a single validity. This means that, everytime you want to go to Cancun, you will have to pay another tax and get another QR code along with the receipt.