Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny loses court case

The court case of detained Russian opposition leader Navalny took a sad turn, and all his objections were ruled off. He has been fined for the charges and will get his sentence at a later date. 

Navalny loses court case

Detained Russia Putin critic Alexei Navalny suffered a defeat in court as he was fined for slander and lost his appeal on all counts. He was found guilty and fined heavily in both cases. This decision was heavily expected by Navalny and his supporters who know that the Putin-led government sees Alexei as a threat who wanted to eliminate him. 

Already it has been speculated that the Kremlin was responsible for last year’s assassination attempt on his life in Berlin. Alexei Navalny narrowly escaped death after he was exposed to toxic gas in Germany in August. This recent decision by the Moscow Court will allow the Russian government to transfer him to a prison camp. 

Alexei Navalny remains resolute despite the loss 

During the court proceedings, he said he believed that God will help him out of his travails.  » Russia was built on injustice. 

However, the new generation wants the truth and the truth they will get. It may or may not happen soon, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel  » His case was built on him violating parole which had been imposed for a 2018 charge. Despite his health issues in Germany, the court has refused to understand and maintained that he is guilty. 

Many nations have slammed the Russian government for this, however, it seems the government isn’t going to change its stance. The protest the detention of Navalny has generated has been huge across Russian cities with many of his supporters seen at the court premises. Russia has said that Alexei is supported by western nations who want to bring down the country.