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Qatar Airways Airbus A319LR Fleet List

Current Qatar Airways Airbus A319LR Routes

Qatar Airways took delivery of the first of its two Airbus A319LR aircraft in 2003 with the second following in 2004. Thus they were delivered in the original small logo/small oryx livery.

The Long Range version of the A319 has extra fuel tanks in the rear cargo hold and the strong A320 landing gear due to the increased weight. The extra fuel tanks give a range of 4,500 nm.

Initial routes operated by the A319LRs were to Zurich, Moscow, Vienna and Berlin.

The range of the aircraft permits Qatar Airways to open long range routes that would not initially be able to support wide-body operations. As the route

grows then typically the Airbus A330-200 can be deployed in place of the A319LR. This was the strategy Qatar Airways used to establish their Doha - Stockholm route.

The aircraft were repainted in 2010/2011 and thus now wear the large logo/medium oryx livery.

As they are essentially part of the longhaul fleet the Airbus A319LRs have a generous configuration with 33inch seat pitch in Economy and 60 inch seat pitch in Business Class. AVOD in-flight entertainment systems have recently been added throughout the aircraft.

The aircraft are currently used regularly on services from Doha to Ankara, Milan Malpensa, the Seychelles and Stuttgart as well as fill-in sectors within the Middle East.

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