A330-300 A7-AEO Kuala Lumpur Delay.

Qatar Airways A330-302 A7-AEO arrived into Kuala Lumpur yesterday evening as QR622 from Doha however the return QR623 was delayed overnight and operated this morning as QR623D. It is not clear whether this was due to a technical or crewing issue.

Qatar Airways Announces Najaf Service.

Qatar Airways today announced a 4 x weekly Doha – Najaf, Iraq service to commence on 23rd January 2013.

Schedules are:

QR740 Doha 0915 – Najaf 1130 Mondays, Thursdays
QR741 Najaf 1230 – Doha 1430 Mondays, Thursdays

QR742 Doha 1315 – Najaf 1530 Wednesdays, Sundays
QR743 Najaf 1630 – Doha 1830 Wednesdays, Sundays.

All flights will be operated by Airbus A320s.


A321 A7-ADT QR138 Doha Return.

Qatar Airways A321 A7-ADT operating QR138 Doha – Kuwait returned to Doha almost immediately after take off this morning. The flight was later operated by A320 A7-ADG using callsign QR138D.

Qatar Airways Cancels Stuttgart.

Qatar Airways today announced that it will drop Stuttgart from its network from 28th October 2012. The route was initially operated as a direct service from Doha using Airbus A319LRs but was amended on 26th March this year to a Doha – Zurich – Stuttgart service using A330-200s.

Qatar Airways to Launch Gassim Service.

Qatar Airways today announced a new Doha – Gassim, Saudi Arabia service to commence on 7th January 2013. The four times weekly Airbus A320 service will operate to the following schedule:

QR760 Doha 0055 – Gassim 0235 Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays
QR761 Gassim 0335 – Doha 0515 Monday, Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays.

Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEJ Continues to Casablanca.

Following yesterday’s hold up in Tunis Qatar Airways Airbus A330-302 A7-AEJ continued from Tunis to Casablanca in the early hours of this morning operating yesterday’s QR550 using callsign QR550A. The aircraft will then operate yesterday’s delayed QR551 Casablanca – Tunis – Doha as a direct Casablanca – Doha flight using callsign QR551A.

Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEJ Tunis Delay.

Qatar Airways Airbus A330-302 A7-AEJ arrived into Tunis as QR550 from Doha this morning however the onward service to Casablanca has been delayed until tomorrow. It is not clear whether this is due to a technical or crew issue.